Justin Langer and Pat Cummins
Pat Cummins says there is no coward in the Australian team

A few days ago, former Australia head coach Justin Langer gave a sensational interview where he accused Cricket Australia of poor treatment. He further termed Australian players ‘ cowards ‘ for complaining to the media about his intense coaching style.

When fans speculated that he was referring to skipper Pat Cummins, Langer quickly issued a clarification and stated that he shares a good relationship with Cummins. Nonetheless, the damage was done, and the 52-year-old hogged headlines for his demeaning remarks.

On the eve of the first Test between Australia and West Indies, Australia skipper Pat Cummins responded to Langer’s ‘coward’ remarks and clarified that there is no coward in the Australian team.

“There are no cowards in the team, not ever. It is sad to see the focus getting turned to off-field activities than the Test series.”

Cummins defended his former head coach and said that Langer’s comments had no ill impact on the players.

“Langer’s comments haven’t affected our team. There was no ill will to what he said, and he also issued a clarification.”

“I think he introspected his comments and clarified them. We are grateful for his contribution to the team and proud of the last 12 months. Our players have conducted themselves with the utmost dignity and should hold their heads high.”

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