Virat Kohli talking to umpire
Virat Kohli lost his cool on day 2 of the Bangladesh match.

The 2nd and final Test against Bangladesh has reached an exciting point for the Indian fans. After the end of the first session on day 3, The Tigers went for lunch with 71/4 on the board. The Shakib-led side are trailing by 16 runs, and winning this Test is no short of an uphill task for Bangladesh.

With the match drifting in India’s favour, the Bangladeshi players, especially opener Najmul Shanto, adopted new methods to frustrate Indian players and were caught delaying the game with their antics.

For instance, the proceeding had to be stopped for a few minutes after Shanto needed to change the bat. He brought all the bats on the field but continued with the same bat. Another instance occurred right before the stumps when he had to tie his shoelaces. Whereas, a frustrated Virat Kohli got triggered because Shanto’s action resulted in the stumps being taken early.

Reacting to the deliberate attempts to delay the game, Virat, as he is famously known, lost his calm and asked Shanto to even take his shirt out. Kohli’s gestures caught the camera’s attention, and the video spread on the internet like fire.

Here is the video of the incident.

इंज़माम बनेंगे भारतीय टीम के चीफ सेलेक्टर ? -VIDEO

YouTube video

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