MS Dhoni arguing with umpires
MS Dhoni threatened players of dropping them for 2015 World Cup

MS Dhoni is among the best captains and finishers in the game’s history. Besides these two traits, Dhoni’s cool and calm demeanor also helped him achieve a lot of success, which is why he got the nickname ‘Captain Cool’. However, there have been a few instances on the field where even the captain cool lost his calm and expressed his anger.

Be it the death stare at Mitchell Johnson or storming onto the pitch to arguing with umpires during IPL, Dhoni, on rare occasions, has let his angry side come out to the public.

In his new book, former fielding coach R Sridhar revealed another instance where Dhoni lost his calm, blasted his teammates, and threatened to drop them for the 2015 World Cup.

In his book, ‘Coaching Beyond,’ Sridhar recalled the 2014 West Indies tour, in which the Dwayne Bravo-led Windies side boycotted the series due to conflict with their board.

The series got reduced to just 4 ODIs, and in the final game, India won the match comfortably, but an angry Dhoni blasted his teammates due to lack of effort on the field, recalled Sridhar.

“We won the match but were sloppy in the field. There were dropped catches and misfields. After the match, Dhoni came to the dressing room full of anger and gave an earful to the players,” said Sridhar.

“Dhoni said, ‘We must pull our socks up. We have not played to our potential. We won the match but could have lost it as well. Those who will not meet the fielding standards will not make it to the World Cup, no matter what name they answer to.'”

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