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BCCI makes new rule changes for IPL 2023

The IPL is less than two weeks away, and with each passing day, the BCCI is making big announcements regarding India’s premier domestic league. In the latest development, the board has made a few changes to the existing rules and announced several new rules, which will be seen in the forthcoming edition.

Last year, the BCCI revealed that the 16th edition of the IPL will feature the ‘Impact player’ rule in which the teams would be allowed to make one substitution per game. In recent events, ESPN Cricinfo reported that the apex board sent letters to the franchises updating them on a new rule in which they will be allowed to name their playing XI after the toss.

Until now, the teams had to name their playing XI before the toss, but to lessen the impact of the toss, the board came up with this idea. In this new tweak, teams will carry two team sheets during the toss and can finalise their playing XI based on the outcome of the toss.

“Currently, the teams exchange the teams before the toss, but the new rule will allow them to finalise their playing XI after the toss.”

Notably, the IPL has become the 2nd league in the world after South Africa’s SA20 to introduce this rule. Former South Africa captain Graeme Smith, and current chairman of the SA20 league, introduced this rule in SA20, where they allow the team to name 13 players before the toss, and based on the toss’s result, they can choose their final XI.

Besides this rule, a few other new changes have been introduced by the BCCI. 

  • Over a rate penalty of only four fielders outside the 30-yard circle for every over not completed in the allocated time.
  • Unfair movement of the wicketkeeper will result in a dead ball and 5 penalty runs.
  • Unfair movement by a fielder will result in a dead ball and 5 penalty runs.

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