6 expensive flops
Brook fell short of expectations and struggled to make a big contribution to his squad.

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is well-known for its high-octane cricket action and intense rivalry between franchises. Every season, teams spend significant sums of cash to gain the services of great players, frequently breaking records in player auctions. However, there have been cases where big-money signings have not met expectations and failed on the pitch, despite the enthusiasm and anticipation. These high-priced players bear the burden of increased scrutiny and the weight of providing match-winning performances for their clubs. Sadly, cricket is a game fraught with uncertainty, and victory is seldom certain, even for the most talented players.

Broken bones, diminished form, insufficient environmental adjustment, or the expectations of living regardless of the price tag all contribute to such players’ underperformance. In this blog, we will look at the 6 expensive players that flopped miserably in IPL 2023, analyzing the causes behind their failures and delving into the repercussions for the athletes and their teams. It serves as a sharp reminder that excessively investing in a player does not ensure success, and it emphasizes the significance of an effective team strategy providing a welcoming atmosphere for players to develop, not to mention the teams that invested heavily in a player and were left with a big hole in their pocket!

Six players that franchises should release.

1. Harry Brook – 13.25 crore

The rising English batsman Harry Brook was one of the main bidders in the IPL 2023 auction. His participation in the league, however, was a letdown. Brook fell short of expectations and struggled to make a big contribution to his squad. Despite his talent and potential, he struggled to adapt to the demands of the IPL and the high-intensity cricket on display. Brook’s lack of experience playing on Indian wickets and against world-class bowlers appeared to be a significant obstacle. He scored 190 runs in 11 matches, paving the way for the franchisee to release him. While it is important to understand that the IPL can be a difficult tournament for young players, Brook’s poor performance highlights the difficulty of adjusting to the demanding nature of the league. Brook’s performance may have been poor, but at least he had a great time in India – eating delicious food and sightseeing the Taj Mahal.

2.Wannidu Hasaranga – 10.75 crore

The Sri Lankan all-rounder Wanindu Hasaranga arrived in the IPL with great potential and expectations. However, his performance in the competition fell short of expectations. Despite his potential and expertise, Hasaranga struggled to make an impression, disappointing fans and franchise management. His poor run serves as a reminder that even good players do not guarantee success in the IPL. He was bought for 10.75 crores and is now warming the bench in the TATA IPL 2023. Hasaranga’s absence would open the door for at least three new players or one stalwart. His poor form has allowed many new spinners to knock on the door of Royal Challengers Bangalore. Hasaranga has become an expert bench warmer.

3. Shardul Thakur- 10.75 crore

The Knight Rider has the propensity to spend money on Shardul Thakur. He had been traded for all cash, and his bad performance had disappointed the knight riders. His 7 wickets in 11 matches at an economy of almost 12 resulted in his team languishing down the table. The knight riders were so desperate to trade for Shardul that they had to pay in cash! All he needed was a few more wickets to make it a bargain! Shardul Thakur’s IPL performance was marred by disappointment, especially in the death overs. As a high-priced addition to his team, there were high expectations for him to be a solid late-inning bowler. On the other hand, Thakur failed to contain runs and was frequently costly at this key portion of the game. His unreliability in completing yorkers and variations resulted in his side giving up critical runs, lowering their chances of victory. Thakur’s poor performance in the IPL showed the difficulties of operating under duress in high-stakes circumstances. Let’s just say that Thakur didn’t bowl a strike… ever.

4. Avesh Khan- 10 crore

After a frightening stint with the Delhi Capitals in consecutive seasons, the Lucknow Super Giants purchased him in the Mega auction for 10 crores. After an excellent debut season, he was forced to sit on the bench in IPL 2023, despite having played only 9 games. He would be shown the exit door by another franchisee with an economy rate of more than 10 and the rise of youngsters such as Yash Thakur, Mohsin Khan, and Naveen Ul-Haq. With his dissenting and dismissing stats, it would be difficult for LSG to keep him in the mix. LSG had no option but to tell this player to “run along now,” as he had become an “expendable asset” for LSG in the IPL!

5 Mayank Agarwal- 8.25 crore

Another flop in Sunrisers Hyderbad’s disastrous season. Mayank Agarwal, bought for around ten crores, had a disappointing season in this year’s TATA IPL. He was given a long rope, changed in the batting order, and still couldn’t find his form until the final game of the TATA IPL, in which he produced a spectacular 80-odd run. However, his 270 runs in 10 innings are inadequate for a franchise of that class. He should be dismissed; his absence would shake up their team and budget. Mayank Agarwal should be given one more chance, but this time with a twist! Instead of playing cricket, he should be asked to juggle some balls and entertain the crowd. Who knows, he might be a better juggler than a cricketer!

6. Shivam Mavi – 6 crore 

Shivam Mavi, a talented new prospect, debuted in the IPL with great hopes. Mavi purchased for a hefty fee by the Gujarat Titans (GT), demonstrated his promise early on with the Indian team. However, as time passed, his form began to deteriorate, and he struggled to make a big impression while not having played a single match up to this point. Injuries may have slowed his progress, and inconsistent bowling performances were apparent. Mavi’s poor performances show young players’ difficulties in maintaining consistency and dealing with the pressures of top-level cricket. Being purchased for 6cr and benched for a veteran would result in the exit door being shown to him. But despite this, Mavi is still smiling and has a positive outlook. After all, he still has 6cr to keep him company through his struggles.

Enormous purchases in the world of IPL may come with enormous expectations. However, it is not uncommon for these high-priced acquisitions to fail spectacularly. Despite paying significant sums to get their services, these players fail to meet the expectations and achieve the required outcomes on the pitch. The reasons for their poor performances can range from a lack of form to injuries, an inability to adjust to the tournament’s demands, or simply succumbing to the pressure. These setbacks serve as a reminder that success in the IPL cannot be determined just by the price tag associated with a player’s name. And so, the moral of the story is, money can’t buy you IPL success – but it can buy you a pretty nice seat in the stands to watch it! 

It emphasizes the necessity of carefully selecting players and focusing on their ability to perform under duress rather than merely their market value. Finally, the IPL serves as a reminder that cricket is a fickle sport, and even the most costly additions can be disasters. And let’s not forget that the most expensive seat in the stands doesn’t guarantee you the best view – it just means you’ll be the first to get hit in the head with a six!