Umran Malik and Mohammed Siraj
Umran Malik abused Mohammed Siraj in the 1st ODI

The Men in Blue started the New Year on a positive note in the ODIs as the Rohit Sharma-led side registered a 67-run win against the Island Nation to lead the series 1-0.

All the skillsets were on-point for India, but the star of the match were Virat Kohli and Umran Malik. The former India skipper scored his 45th ODI hundred and amassed 113(87). On the other hand, Umran Malik was the highest wicket-taker, as he took a three-wicket haul.

Malik further hogged headlines for his terrifying pace as he clocked 156 kmph, shattering his own record, which he set a few days ago.

While the Jammu Express is getting praised across the globe for his performance, one instance has surfaced on the internet showing Malik abusing Siraj for a misfield.

On the last delivery of the 33rd over, Chamika Karunaratne flicked a ball down the leg side, where Siraj made a good effort to stop the ball, but it went between his hands for a four.

With the four, Malik conceded 16 runs in the over, which frustrated the youngster, and he lost his cool and abused Siraj, which was not well received by the internet.

In the video, Malik can be seen hurling a few bad Hindi slang. Here is the clip doing rounds on the internet.

Umran is India’s leading wicket-taker in 2023, with ten wickets across formats in four matches.  In ODIs, Malik has played six games and picked up ten wickets.

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