A massive controversy has erupted in the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) camp following Ravindra Jadeja’s exit from the bio-bubble.

A massive controversy has erupted in the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) camp following Ravindra Jadeja’s exit from the bio-bubble. The official CSK release has stated that the all-rounder has been released since the franchise did not want to aggravate the rib injury he picked up during one of the IPL 2022 matches. However, a number of media reports have claimed that Jadeja walked out of the bio-bubble following a tiff with the management over the captaincy issue. The fact that Chennai unfollowed the 33-year-old on Instagram only added fuel to the fire. All these developments raise the big question – was Jadeja treated unfairly by the CSK management?

Wrong move to elevate Jadeja to captaincy?

The first question that obviously comes to mind in the wake of everything that has transpired is whether the decision to appoint Jadeja as CSK skipper was the right one in the first place. The all-rounder did not have much previous experience in leadership and looked like a fish out of the water as a leader. Even when he was leading, it seemed that MS Dhoni was the one calling the shots. Jadeja looked lost and nervous, and the additional responsibility affected his game out in the middle. This was evident in his batting, bowling and, more perceptibly, in his fielding as he dropped the simplest catches he would have otherwise taken with his eyes closed.

It can be argued that Hardik Pandya also lacks leadership experience and yet has done a wonderful job with the Gujarat Titans (GT) in the franchise’s debut season. He has led the team from the front with the bat, not letting the additional responsibility affect his game. However, not everyone possesses the natural flair to inspire a team, and Jadeja has clearly struggled in that department. Even though the all-rounder himself may have been ready to accept the role, the CSK management erred in identifying him as a leader. An experienced player need not necessarily be a good captain, and the Chennai think tank made a massive misjudgement here.

Did Dhoni’s comments hurt Jadeja?

Another aspect that has come into focus is that of Dhoni’s comments on Jadeja’s leadership. The CSK legend admitted that the burden of leadership was affecting Jadeja’s game. What MSD said was nothing wrong. In fact, it was the absolute truth. To the naked eye, it was very clear that Jadeja was finding captaincy as a thorn in his path and not a bed of roses. Dhoni’s honest comments were, of course, not meant to hurt the all-rounder or criticize him. It was just a straightforward observation about the situation from someone who knows a lot about leadership and what it can do to players.

What needs to be considered here, though, is that Jadeja had been under immense pressure as a leader. The defending champions of the IPL were losing game after game, and his individual performances were suffering. In view of the above, Dhoni’s comments might have left the Saurashtra cricketer with the feeling of being made a scapegoat. Yes, Jadeja could not make the desired impact as he would have liked to do as captain. But one wonders if Dhoni’s observations could have been at a personal level. Just a thought.

End of Jadeja-CSK association?

Whether Jadeja walked out of the bio-bubble due to an injury or a tiff with the CSK management is unclear as of now. Of course, we will come to know about it in the coming months. The big question, though, is whether Jadeja’s association with Chennai is over. From the looks of it, the answer seems yes. If indeed things went wrong between Jadeja and CSK, it’s really sad because the all-rounder was an indispensable part of the franchise for the last many seasons. Some partnerships, though, are destined to have bitter endings. Like David Warner and SRH, another great IPL association might have finished on a sour note.

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