Former India cricketer Suresh Raina has lauded natural leader Hardik Pandya for leading Gujarat Titans from the front.

Umran Malik was fast and furious against Gujarat Titans in IPL 2022. Hardik Pandya missed his bouncer, and the ball hit the player’s helmet. Pandya looked rattled, but he did not show it and slammed the young bowler for two successive fours.

When the captain of Titans was asked about what was going through his mind when the ball struck his helmet, Hardik said it woke him up, but he did not show it as he would not allow a young player to dominate him in the Indian Premier League.

“The ball woke me up, but I will not allow a young player to dominate me. After that, I hit him for two successive fours to prove that even I can dictate terms to the bowlers. Overall, we were 10-15 runs short and proved to be the difference.”

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