Aakash Chopra, the former Indian opener, wants Tem India to play against Pakistan in the World Cup. According to him, it is not right to mix politics with sport. India are scheduled to play Pakistan on June 16 in Manchester.

He added that emotions are running high as the wounds of the Pulwama terror attack are fresh and there is a need to be more sensible instead of taking a call on boycotting the World Cup match against arch rivals.

“It’s a question whether India should be playing against Pakistan in the World Cup or not. Do we need to answer it now? The wounds of the attack are very fresh. What has happened in Pulwama has hurt all of us. We are all pained and saddened. We will always make decisions based on emotions. But do we need to make that decision right now? I don’t think we are obliged to make that decision today,” Aakash Chopra told India Today on Wednesday.

“All progressed nations in the world don’t mix politics with sport. They don’t use sports as a vehicle to push their political agenda. I firmly believe India is a first-world country and not a third-world country. We are not a regressive nation in any way. We are a proud nation that actually is mature enough to distinguish between the two(sport and politics).

“We are already not playing bilateral cricket with them. You want to be the world champions. You want to be the best. What will be the worth of that World Cup trophy if you haven’t beaten Pakistan along the way?

“Earlier, it was only cricket that was used as a vehicle to push some agenda. But right now the sentiment is fairly strong. If somebody is going to tell me, India is going to sit silent and do nothing about the attack for the next three months, then India will fail as a country. I don’t think that’s going to happen. A proper response will be given to Pakistan for what they have orchestrated in Indian land.

“So I think, three and half months down the line, India will be in a position to play cricket with Pakistan and beat them in the game of cricket. We are a better nation and a developed nation. India should be playing (the World Cup tie),” he added.

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