Kuldeep Yadav is one of the most promising spinners in world cricket at present juncture. His bowling in white-ball cricket has been magical, to say the least. No one has taken more wickets than him in ODIs and T20I since his debut. He has also done well in what little opportunities he has got in Test cricket. The chinaman spinner even scalped a five-fer in his maiden in Australia. 

But, it was not easy for Kuldeep Yadav to do what he did in the Sydney Test against Australia especially after his failure in the Lord’s Test against England. He opened up on what was going through his mind post the second Test in London. 

“I could rarely smile,” Kuldeep told The Indian Express. “I saw the world crumbling in front of me, but when I look back now, I realise that everything in life has a purpose. The Lord’s Test was an eye-opener, a reality check. I realised I needed to work harder and prepare better so that I wouldn’t repeat the mistakes.”

Some people were of the view that Kuldeep’s mystery was solved by the Englishmen as they had played him in the T20I and ODI series in lead up to the Test series. But, Kuldeep, right from the beginning has never considered himself as a mystery spinner.

“What mystery? Sab bakwas hai. I am using the same weapons like Ash [Ravichandran Ashwin] bhai — flight, drip, drift and turn — only that I’m a wrist spinner and he’s finger spinner,” said the young Indian wrist-spinner.

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