Indian players are firm on their stance of not going in quarantine for the remaining matches against Australia. The players and the support staff have tested negative prior to their departure to Sydney for the third Test match against the hosts.

The visitors want to be treated like normal Australians having served 14 days mandatory quarantine. Even the Queensland Government is not ready to give the players an exemption for the fourth Test match in Brisbane.

Team India also feels that if fans can come to watch the match at the stadium, then why players should be confined to hotel rooms.

“We think it’s contradictory if you are going to allow fans to come to the ground and enjoy that freedom, and then ask us as performers to go back to the hotel and quarantine.

“That is especially after we’ve been tested negative for the virus. We don’t want to be treated like we are animals in the zoo,” a team insider said while speaking to Cricbuzz.

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