Former India skipper Dilip Vengsarkar is not a big fan of Virat Kohli’s strategy to field deep in the ODIs. He feels Virat should be inside the 30 yards circle to take control of things.

Indian skipper is more often seen in the deep to provide good balance to Indian fielding with his exceptional out-fielding. MS Dhoni is the one who takes care of field changes when Virat is not present in the 30 yards circle.

While Dhoni has been spot on, Vengsarkar is not sure if it is the right way of leading a side in international side.

“Captain has to be in the inner circle. You can’t field in the deep and adjust fielding from there. You can see the match better from the circle. If he is going to field in the deep it is not going to help him at all,” Vengsarkar told India Today.

He has backed Ravi Shastri’s idea of sending Virat Kohli at No.4 during the World Cup.

“I agree with Ravi. Because sometimes in English overcast conditions, if you lose early wickets, you may have to preserve Virat for no.4. because he is the best batsman in the world and in fantastic form. India depends heavily on him which is not a good thing because others have to perform,” Vengsarkar observed.

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