Virat Kohli, the Indian skipper, has a knack of giving it back to his critics. The right hand batsman has stated that he would be sitting at home if he think like people from outside.

He was indirectly responding to Gautam Gambhir’s, who recently said that Kohli has been lucky to be still leading Royal Challengers Bangalore despite his trophy less CV.

“Obviously, you want to win the IPL. I am doing what I am supposed to do. I don’t care whether I am going to be judged on this (not winning IPL) or not. There is no real, sort of, parameters you set. I try to perform wherever I can. I try to win all the possible titles, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen,” said Kohli.

“We have to be practical about why we haven’t won one. That boils down to bad decision making in pressure situations. If I think like people from outside, I can’t even sustain five games. I would be sitting at home,” he added.

Earlier, Gambhir had also stated that Virat shouldn’t be compared to MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma.

“I don’t see him as a shrewd captain. I don’t see him as a tactful captain (tactician). And he hasn’t won the IPL. So ultimately, a captain is only as good as his record,” Gambhir had said.

Kohli further added that he would love to win the IPL for his team.

“I know people talk about it a lot and they like to grab opportunities to talk about these things. But I have a responsibility here and given a chance, as a captain, I would love to win the IPL for my team.

“We all are motivated to do so. It has not happened and that’s the reality. No excuses for that. Only acceptance of the faults that we made in the past. The fact that we played six semifinals means that we have been a side who are always in contention. If we make better decisions, we can go further than that. That’s how I see things.”

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