Former Indian skipper and one of the most followed Indian cricketers Sachin Tendulkar joined thousands of runners and helped in raising Rs 15 lakh for the families of the Pulwama attack martyrs. Before the start of the event at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, he did 10 push-ups and urged others to join him.

“Whatever will be the fund that we receive from here, it will all be donated for a good cause, a bigger cause. It will be donated to the families of the martyrs. I am sure you understand the feelings and hope everyone joins us in this movement,” Tendulkar said.

Eighteen thousand runners took part in the four races and Sachin was pretty excited to see the big turnout.

“I am especially delighted to see so many children participating. It is a very big step in life to participate in a marathon and not to be intimidated by seeing so many adults around. You are the next generation who will take over the reins of our nation.

“The whole dream is to transform India from a sports loving nation into a sports playing nation for a healthy active lifestyle. And if children are starting from here, things are going to be better and better.

“So well done Delhi, keep up your energy to run in the marathon. It is fantastic that you all are here with so much enthusiasm and energy.”

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