In an unfortunate incident in New Zealand, one of the umpires was assaulted by players during a club match.

The incident took place during the match between Horowhenua-Kapiti club’s Paraparaumu and Weraroa teams on Sunday.

The Weraroa players were upset with one of the decisions and started punching and kicking one of the Paraparaumu players who was officiating as an umpire.

After one of the players started the physical assault, three or four players also joined him.

“If that happened on the street it would be GBH [grievous bodily harm] so how come if it happens on the field it’s fine,” the unnamed witness said.

“He had a third kick at him before his team pulled him off.”

“I know exactly who did the kicking, everyone saw who it was.”

Another unnamed witness labelled the Weraroa players’ behaviour “disgusting”.

“I believe his nose is broken then another three or four Levin [Weraroa] players joined in and proceeded to kick and punch him,” another unnamed witness said as quoted by Stuff.

According to NZC’s public affairs manager Richard Boock, they have initiated an investigation into the matter.

“While we are still awaiting details, NZC views any type of physical assault in cricket as repugnant and utterly unacceptable. We will await the results of the investigation before commenting further,” said Richard Boock.

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