Cricket has been the favourite sport for the Indians for a very long back. The passion for the game is increasing every day with the new gaming models like IPL. People started to take cricket as a career path, and many parents want a recognizable face as a coach. West Delhi Cricket Academy came into popularity after Virat Kohli’s performance in the national Cricket team, and people saw what he did to the cricketing teams across the globe.

Team India skipper Virat Kohli is a product of this academy. Do we need to say more?
The West Delhi Cricket Academy was founded in 1998 by Mr Raj Kumar Sharma, with the goal to produce world-class cricketers.

People suddenly started an interest in West Cricket Academy in Delhi.

Virat Kohli, who was raised in Paschim Vihar, trained at the academy since its inception in 1998. West Delhi Cricket Academy has a total of four branches, all fully committed to nurturing young talents and preparing them in the best possible way, in the region.

People expected a recognizable face as their coach, maybe an ex-cricketer or someone who has played for the country. People suddenly started an interest in West Cricket Academy in Delhi. It made a huge demand for various cricketing clubs and coaching centres. It is said that the coaches out there are very strict and will make sure that you will come out of the academy as a professional cricketer.


West Delhi Academy takes admission for aspiring candidates above the age of 14, and the selection trials take place before taking the candidate into the academy. Every week, a lot of aspiring players participate in these trials to get selected in the academy.

West Delhi Cricket Academy is now the most happening and active in the region of New Delhi. A lot of kids are applying for this academy and are practising daily on the ground of ST, Sophia.

Let us now loot some of the critical details regarding this academy.

  • The age limit for admission is 7 years to 18 years.
  • Admission for children of 7 to 14 years is taken without trials.
  • Access for children of 14 years to 18 years will be done based on the trials conducted at the academy.
  • Trials will only be conducted on Thursdays at 3:30 pm.
  • Players have to bring their cricket kit for trials.
  • Days of coaching at PaschimVihar Centre commence on Thursday, Friday, Saturday (3:30 pm to 6:30 pm), and Sunday (7 am to 10:30 am).


West Delhi Cricket Academy is fixed based on period. With the fee, students must also bring a cricket kit and attire for trial purposes.

Following are the West Delhi Cricket Academy monthly fees:

  • The West Delhi Cricket Academy registration fee is INR 10,000, and it is compulsory for all players above the age of 14.
  • The West Delhi/ Virat Kohli Cricket Academy in Delhi fees will be INR 5,000 for three months.
  • All the trainees must maintain white cricket attire and have to be on time during everyday coaching.

Note: The fees of West Delhi Cricket Academy mentioned above are taken from the official website of West Delhi/ Virat Cricket Academy.


  1. Trainees will have to be in their white cricketing attire.
  2. All the trainees will have to adhere to the scheduled timings. Any player not coming for coaching shall intimate the coach at least eight hours in advance.
  3. Trainees will have to maintain the discipline of cricket coaching and if found otherwise would be expelled from the coaching.
  4. Trainees will attend all training and events set forth by the coach.
  5. Trainees will approach training and matches with a professional attitude and apply themselves accordingly.
  6. Trainees agree to work as hard as they possibly can for as long as they can, always.
  7. The coach reserves the right to award playing time in matches to those who do not miss trainings and other game preparations.
  8. Trainees will come to the coach for any and all disputes, including playing time or lack thereof, personality differences, scheduling conflicts, or any other issues that involves the team, player or coach.
  9. If the coach and player cannot resolve the problem, then and only then, will the coach ask a parent to become involved.
  10. Trainees will recognize that the team comes first, not the individual. Selfishness and focus on self will not be tolerated. Players will support each other and treat others with respect. No player is more important than any other, TEAM first.
  11. The cricket coaching will take place four days in a week ( i.e. thu., fri., sat. & sun.)
  12. The Academy shall not be responsible for any loss or untoward incident to any Trainee while coming to or going from the Academy, whether before or after the Academy timing. The accountability for the same lies with the trainee or the person, if any, escorting the Trainee.
  13. Parents are not allowed to stay in the field at the time of coaching, however, if they want to meet the coach they should take a pra or appointment on the phone.



Virat Kohli, who was raised in Paschim Vihar, trained at the academy since its inception in 1998.


West Delhi Cricket Academy training is carried out in 4 major centres in Delhi with experienced coaches in India.

The West Delhi Cricket Academy address of all the centres are mentioned below.

Centre 1: St. Sophia School

A-2 Block, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi – 110063

Contact Person:

  • Tajinder Singh- 8287321706
  • R.K.Sharma- 8882442606

Centre 2: S.D Public School

Furniture Market, Kirtinagar, New Delhi – 110015

Contact Person:

  • Tajinder Singh- 8287321706
  • Shivam Tripathi- 9654514707

Centre 3: DDA Hari Nagar Sports Complex

Harinagar, New Delhi – 110064

Contact Person:

  • Tajinder Singh- 8287321706
  • R.K.Sharma- 8882442606

Centre 4: DDA Sports Complex

Sec-XI Dwarka, Near Sec-10 (Main Market)

Contact Person:

  • Tajinder Singh- 8287321706
  • Pawan- +91-9891395844
  • R.K.Sharma- +91-8882442606