Now, we are just a few months away from the 2019 Cricket World Cup. The hustle and bustle that usually surrounds the build-up of the ICC megaevent is already creating euphoria among the cricketing circles. Most of the cricket pundits are giving out their opinions on the kind of composition and XI that the teams should opt for in the World Cup that will be played in England and Wales.

Australian legend, Shane Warne has opined that Rishabh Pant should replace Shikhar Dhawan as Indian opener and made to bat alongside Rohit Sharma.

“There has been talk if Rishabh Pant can play in the side. I think Dhoni and Pant both can play. I can’t see why Rishabh Pant can’t play as a batsman, he is outstanding. Maybe even open the batting with Rohit Sharma. I know Shikhar Dhawan does a great job but Rishabh Pant opening the batting with Rohit Sharma could be pretty cool too for India. Go with some of these X-factor type things and tactical battles, where you surprise the opposition,” Warne told India Today in an interview.

“It could be worth throwing Rishabh Pant at the top of the order for a couple of games and see how he goes. Maybe against Australia now [upcoming series] and experiment and see how he goes for the World Cup. Dhawan may have a role to play somewhere else. But I am really looking forward to seeing what India have because they have a lot of players who can do a lot of roles,” he added.

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