Both Kohli and Williamson are greats in their own right. Having looked at the numbers, the two legends are on par when it comes to Tests.

Former England skipper Michael Vaughan sometime back made a big statement when he proclaimed that, for him, New Zealand captain Kane Williamson is as good as Indian skipper Virat Kohli, and that too irrespective of the format of the game. As per Vaughan, critics are scared to place Williamson on the same pedestal as Kohli for the fear of being badgered on social media. In a somewhat bizarre claim, Vaughan stated that the New Zealand skipper doesn’t get his due because of Kohli’s spectacular following and social media fan base. Keeping the weird assessment aside, we wonder if Williamson is really as good as Kohli? Here’s an analysis.

Overall numbers of Virat Kohli and Kane Williamson

Virat Kohli has, till date, played 91 Tests, 254 ODIs and 90 T20Is. He has 7490 runs in Tests at an average of 52.37 with 27 hundreds and 25 fifties. In ODIs, Kohli has smashed 12169 runs at a stupendous average of 59.07 with 43 hundreds and 62 half-centuries. Looking at his T20I numbers, the Indian captain has 3159 runs at a wonderful average of 52.65 and a strike rate of 139.04..

As for Williamson, he has played 83 Tests, 151 one-dayers and 67 T20Is so far. The Kiwi skipper has 7115 runs in the traditional format of the sport at an average of 54.31 with 24 hundreds and 32 fifties. If we look at ODIs, Williamson has accumulated 6173 runs while averaging 47.48 with 13 hundreds and 39 fifties. In the shortest format of cricket, Williamson has scored 1805 runs while average of 31.66 at a strike rate of 125.08

Kohli vs Kane in away games

Great players perform as well away from home as they do in familiar conditions. How have Virat and Williamson done in this aspect? Here’s a closer look:

Kohli has played 48 away Tests and has 3760 runs to his name at an average of 44.23 with 14 tons. In ODIs, he has featured in 107 away matches and has scored 5057 runs at an excellent average of 58.12. impressively, the Indian captain has 20 hundreds in away ODIs. Shifting focus to T20Is, Kohli has over 1000 runs to his name from 36 games at an average of 45.88. Quite astonishing numbers these.

Shifting focus to Williamson, he has managed 2680 runs in 36 away Tests at an average of 42.53 with number hundreds. The Kiwi captain also has 2000-plus runs to his name in 55 away ODIs. He has an attractive average of 44.41 with five hundreds. As of T20Is, Williamson is yet to find his groove in away matches. He averages only 22.76, having scored 296 runs in 14 matches.

Kohli vs Kane in winning games

Great players are known to make their mark in tough circumstances and are there to push their team towards victory more often than not. Here’s a look at Kohli and Williamson’s record in winning games, which will give us a clearer picture of their legacy.

Kohli has featured in 47 Test matches that India have won. In these games, he averages 58.25 with 13 hundreds and has amassed close to 4000 runs. Further, in one-dayers, the current Indian captain has played in 153 matches that India have won. Kohli has a sensational record in these games – 8715 runs at an average of 76.44 with 35 hundreds. The Indian legend has also featured in 56 winnings T20Is and has clobbered over 2000 runs while averaging 65.18.

Now to Williamson. He has played in 36 winning Tests for New Zealand. The Kiwi enjoys a wonderful record in these matches – 3993 runs with 15 tons at an average of 78.29. He has also featured in 78 one-dayers that New Zealand have won and has compiled 3671 runs with nine centuries at an average of 57.35. Further, in 32 T20Is that the Kiwis have won win Williamson in the team, he has close to 1000 runs at an average of 40.87.

Kohli vs Kane: Who won?

Both Kohli and Williamson are greats in their own right. Having looked at the numbers, the two legends are on par when it comes to Tests. The Indian captain though has a much-superior record in the shorter formats. Thus, when it comes to overall brilliance, Kohli has an edge over Williamson, at least for now.

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