England cricket is under the scanner due to allegations of racism by several players. Former Yorkshire cricketer Azeem Rafiq revealed many shocking experiences of racist comments at the club. After his episode, many other cricketers have come forward to narrate their stories.

Jahid Ahmed, who played for Essex, recalled how he was targeted due to his religion and accent. He was also called a terrorist by some of his teammates. If these allegations are true, Essex will have a lot to answer in the near future.

Jahid became the third former Essex player after Zoheb Sharif and Maurice Chambers to reveal his story.

Jahid played seven first-class matches from 2005 to 2009.

“One of the guys was younger than me but he felt the way to fit in was to pick on the Muslim — so he kept saying things like, ‘Would you bomb us?’ Those other players and the coach laughed and he was seen as a great lad. I dreaded it. I was always fearing what they’d come up with. I wanted to change my voice — I tried to deepen it,” he added.

He tried to accommodate but was not treated properly by his own teammates.

“I really wanted to fit in but there were times when pretty much everyone in the dressing room joined in the laughter at my expense.  It was basically, ‘You’re a Muslim, you’re a terrorist’. At other times, a senior player told me I was a ‘curry muncher’ and said I ‘stank of curry.’ It was bullying. It went on every day,” he asserted.

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