Aakash Chopra has made predictions for the first ODI between India and South Africa. The first game will be played at Paarl on Wednesday.

Aakash Chopra was given a proper cricket lesson by two-time World Cup winner Gautam Gambhir. Aakash had raised fingers on the Decision Review System after it came to the rescue of Dean Elgar, who was given out by the on-field umpire.

However, he successfully reviewed and continued before his luck ran out in the last over of the day. Chopra was not satisfied with the decision and questioned the authenticity of the technology.

Gambhir, who was his fellow commentator, reminded him of his silence when the same technology went in India’s favour. He also recalled two decisio where the visitors were saved by the DRS.

“You can’t question the technology. If you are so brave, then play without DRS. India have got favourable decisions, while there have been calls which went against them,” he said.

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