Virat Kohli on Sunday revealed a common connection between him and Yuvraj on latter’s 40th birthday. The Indian Test skipper shared a lot of things about their close friendship, as he wished his Yuvi Pa love and prosperity.

In a Instagram video, he recalled how Yuvraj welcomed and made him comfortable in the dressing room. He disclosed their similar hobbies.

I had come in from the Under-19 World Cup; he welcomed me very nicely, made me comfortable, started joking around with me, and we liked similar kind of food. We are both Punjabis, love Punjabi music, getting nice clothes, shoes (chuckles); all these kinds of things have remained common over the years. We used to go out and do quite a bit of shopping together in a group obviously; so the likes were quite similar.”

Virat Kohli then spoke how Yuvraj once planned to cycle from Dambulla to Colombo (almost 160 km) on a bicycle.

We were in Dambulla; it was a couple of days off a match and literally at 3 or 3:30 in the morning he goes, ‘We are gonna ride these bicycles to Colombo’ and I clearly remember we all fell down laughing on the floor because it was just outrageous. We had a match in two days’ time.”

Happy birthday Yuvi Pa! Lots of peace, happiness and prosperity to you and lots of love always. And my best wishes to you.”

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