RCB Twitter account hacked
RCB Twitter account hacked twice in less than 2 years

On Saturday, the Royal Challengers Bangalore fans woke up to find that their team’s Twitter account has been hacked. RCB’s Twitter page has been renamed to ‘Bored Ape Yacht Club’, and it has been posting NFT-related tweets since morning.

 “To become a member, buy a Bored Ape or Mutant Ape on Open Sea. Created by @yugalabs,” read RCB’s bio after the hack. Interestingly, the Challengers have not taken down any content or posted an official update about the hack on their other platforms, like Instagram, which is functioning normally. RCB’s silence is forcing a certain section to assume it to be one of the promotional activities by the IPL club itself, which is a new trend these days.

Well, it is not the first time that RCB’s Twitter account has got hacked. In September 2021, a cryptocurrency site took control of the page and changed the name to ‘Elon Muks’.

The page tricked people to buy bitcoins. As a result, the franchise temporarily took the channel down. They further apologised to the fans and wrote, “Dear 12th Man Army, our Twitter account was compromised a few hours ago, and we have now managed to get the access back. We condemn the tweet that the hackers put out, and we do not endorse any content from that tweet, which we have now deleted. We regret the inconvenience caused.”

The news has hogged the headlines, and the fans expect the franchise to post an official update soon.

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