This series against SA will be immense for Kohli as he chases some outstanding records.

England will take on India in the upcoming five-match Test series which starts on August 4. While Virat Kohli struggled against James Anderson in 2014, he batted brilliantly in 2018.

Talking about the contest between Kohli and Anderson, Graeme Swann stated that Kohli has improved a lot and can dominate the game.

“The thing with Virat Kohli is, the last time he came here absolutely dominated the series. And again, to put the negative stand there and say ‘Oh Jimmy Anderson got his out for fun’… Jimmy Anderson ‘used to’ get him out for fun in England and it was embarrassing. Virat Kohli went away, worked on his game to an extent that he didn’t get out at all to Jimmy and he dominated in England. I am sure he’s watching the videos, remembering his techniques against that English attack and I would back Virat Kohli to score runs anywhere in the world at any time,” Swann told Sportskeeda Cricket’s YouTube channel in an exclusive interview.

Kohli has not scored a century since long but Swann termed Virat as a world-class player and stated that he will have a great series.

“The caveat that comes with being one of the ‘Big Four’, you are expected to score a big hundred either every Test match or every other Test match. That’s by your fans, your teammates [but] it’s hard work to do that. When you think that Virat hasn’t played for six months almost and he’s been in Covid bubbles, to come out with the same expectations in a one-off Test against New Zealand… I think he still scored 70 runs in the game. He’s going to have five matches against England and a truly world-class player like Virat will be fine and he’ll come out flying in that series. He might not do that in the first Test, but by the end of the series, he’ll be one of the Big Four again.” Swann added.

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