While highlighting the impact of swing-bowling, Irfan Pathan said a batsman like Virat Kohli would never be worried about facing someone like Mitchell Johnson, who has raw pace.

However, the Indian skipper would be on his toes against James Anderson, simply because the latter is more likely to swing the ball. The former Indian all-rounder said no batsman likes to be up against the moving ball due to the “corridor of uncertainty”.

“You ask Virat Kohli, he will never worry about Mitchell Johnson bowling fast because he knows he can come in line, but he will always have doubts about James Anderson. No batsman in the world is comfortable when the ball is moving. The corridor of uncertainty, remember? It will remain open forever,” he wrote in his column for the Playfield Magazine.

Kohli, who struggled against Anderson during the 2014 tour of England, scored four centuries against Australia, featuring the likes of Mitchell Johnson, during the tour Down Under in 2014.

Citing the examples of Rishabh Pant and Jos Buttler, Irfan also suggested that pace alone doesn’t instill fear on the batters. However, a swing bowler can still be threatening with his ability to keep the ball on the off-stump channel.

“We have seen Rishabh Pant and Jos Buttler playing lap shots and reverse sweeps to Pat Cummins and Jofra Archer. Speed alone cannot guarantee success, because batsmen no longer fear pace.

“The equipment is so good and bats have become better, one touch and it’s out of the ground feeding off the pace of the ball. You need the skill to survive and trust me, swing is a great skill,” he added.

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