Virat Kohli vs Jonny Bairstow had started on Day 2 of the ongoing Test. The former India captain had sledged the wicket-keeper batter, who was struggling to time the ball.

Day 3 started on the same note with Kohli going after the English player. However, this time, Bairstow found his range too.

He matched Virat’s aggression and was seen giving it back in his own style. The umpires spoke two both of them and they agreed to behave properly.

Virat started again from the slip cordon and the umpires had to calm things down. That was the moment things began to turn England’s way. Bairstow started hitting the Indian bowlers for fours and sixes.

Bairstow kept playing his shots – short-arm pulls, drives, lofted hits and Virat Kohli was seen looking at the scoreboard.

Jonny player a valuable knock for the struggling home team.

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