Indian Test skipper Virat Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane are on the verge of achieving a major milestone in Test cricket.

Indian Test captain Virat Kohli defended his deputy Ajinkya Rahane after he was blamed for a drawn Test in Kanpur. Kohli stated that Rahane & Co. did everything they could while also giving credit to the visitors.

Virat had missed the first Test and will take charge again when the second Test starts in Mumbai. He was asked about the first Test in the press conference and whether he would have done something different to win the match.

“I watched the game, and I think we tried everything we could as a team. Obviously, everyone has a different way of approaching things. I probably would have been able to answer that if I was in that situation, but I was not so, I know that the team tried everything that they could, and Jinx has always brought up great ideas to make sure that, you know, we put the opposition under pressure with strategy, with field placings and rotating the bowlers as well. A great example of that was in Australia as well when we played [there].

Virat further added that the Indian team finds ways to win matches, regardless of the captain.

“Sometimes, when you are not able to pull off a result, you also have to give credit to the opposition for batting out 10-12 overs in the end with the last wicket. It was a very good effort from them. So we have to be realistic about the scenario, realistic about the situation. Obviously, you look to improve on things you still can, and you find ways of winning and that’s been the essence of our team regardless of who’s been in charge. I think that has become the culture of this team, and we’ll continue to look to find opportunities to put our team in a winning position whenever we can, and sometimes it doesn’t happen, and you have to accept that,” he added.

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