Kyle Coetzer, the Scotland skipper, wants to take Virat Kohli to the dressing room to read his mind.

“That game is going to be the biggest (for us at the T20 World Cup), if not the biggest that Scotland has ever played. Standing next to Virat at the toss will be a special occasion for anyone, not just myself. He is an idol of the game, a stylish man the way he scores his runs,” the Scotland captain braces up for his approaching fanboy moment.

He also spoke about his meeting with Kane Williamson.

“I was fortunate enough to bump into him in the lift earlier today. I have had occasions in the past to spend some time with him and have a chat. But Virat Kohli is someone I haven’t had any opportunity to have a conversation with. Look, we want to play hard, trying to push India as hard as we possibly can on the day. But we have to be realistic.”

Scotland will take on New Zealand on Wednesday followed by their match against India on Friday.

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