Former Indian pacer Irfan Pathan has spoken up on the Nupur Sharma’s comment row. After the controversial remark on Prophet Muhammad, protests took place in several parts of India.

Nupur was suspended by BJP but the protesters are demanding her arrest. A series of violent events have followed since her comment and Irfan has opined on the matter.

“Violence is not the answer no matter what the provocation is,” he wrote on Twitter.

Earlier, former India pacer Venkatesh Prasad reacted to the controversy. He condemned the violence and death threats to Nupur.

“Two wrongs don’t make a right, but I don’t know of any country where the majority population feels so insecure. Every one needs to be protected but this brainwashing to spread propaganda needs to be stopped. Tolerance is a two way street.”  

Lucknow Super Giants’ mentor Gautam Gambhir has given his point of view on the ongoing issue.

“Silence of so called ‘secular liberals’ on the sickening display of hatred & death threats throughout the country against a woman who has apologised is surely DEAFENING,” he wrote.

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