Kobus Olivier, the CEO of the Ukraine Cricket. Federation, is really worried about the future of cricket after unprovoked war declared by Russia. The European country has been hit hard by Vladimir Putin’s army.

In his interview with ESPNcricinfo, he stated that nobody took the warnings seriously as they thought it was Russia’s propaganda. However, he heard loud noise when he went out with his dogs on Thursday.

With panicked residents leaving Kyiv, he decided to stay back as he can’t leave his four dogs and abandon cricket, which he had helped build from the scratch.

He was sure of getting funds from the ICC but the Russian attack could spoil sport’s future in a country renowned for producing start footballers.

Kobus Olivier is not sure whether their ground will survive the missile attacks.

“I’m not sure if our cricket oval will survive the attack,” Olivier said. “It’s a new ground with pavilions being set-up and there is a indoor facility with nets to be installed. That was going to be our cricket headquarters. However, I am not sure now about the future,” he said.

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