Indian batter and former captain Virat Kohli was slammed on Sunday  (January 23) for chewing a gum while the country’s national anthem was being played before the start of the third and final ODI of the series.

He seemed lost and was seen chewing the gum and singing the national anthem in between. 

This act didn’t go down well with the fans who roasted him for disrespecting the anthem.

“I have one leg only since childhood but i never walked or chew gums during national anthem, i always stood up on my one leg because nation first,” one of the fans wrote.

“This clown must be punished acc. to the ” National Honour act 1971 ” for disrespecting our Indian national anthem . A man with no ethics & dignity. Shame on you Virat Kohli,” another fan demanded punishment for the 33-year old.

“Shame. He is Shaming and disrespecting National anthem . This Clown should be behind bars.”

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