Ajaz Patel's Twitter account was verified after R Ashwin urged the social media giant to recognize the spinner following his incredible feat.

New Zealand spinner Ajaz Patel became the third bowler to take 10 wickets in an innings. Jim Laker and Anil Kumble were the first two bowlers to achieve this landmark feat. However, his efforts went in vain as the Kiwis lost the game by 372 runs.

He was born in Mumbai and shifted to New Zealand with his parents when he was seven. The spinner recently opened on when he went through during the terrorist attack at Christchurch mosque in 2019.

“The attacks by terrorists had profound effect on the Muslim community. There was a sense of terror. We learned of the news right after returning at the end of Friday’s prayer. However, when our Prime Minister, and the entire community responded with love and affection – we felt part of the family,” declared Ajaz Patel in a report by TOI.

“For instance, there’s no issue when my mother walks out of the house in burkha. There is no one to declare anything. The time the terrorist attack occurred our house was in the process of being constructed. We visited often. It is likely that our neighbors observed us and realized that we were Muslims because of the burkha. After the attack the neighbors bought a plant for us and put it up on our stairs when we were not living there. Then they wrote us a note to express their gratitude. The people feel an intense sense of belonging to the area and live as one large community,” he added.

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