Steve Smith believes that the conditions at the Oval for the World Test Championship (WTC) final against India might resemble the one Australia encountered in India earlier this year. The match is set to begin on June 7. Smith expects favorable batting conditions initially but worries that they could deteriorate, resulting in a pitch that offers significant turn.

During an interview with, Smith mentioned that the Oval sometimes offers conditions that favor spin bowling, particularly as the game advances.

He indicated that they might encounter resemblances to their experience in India during specific stages of the match. However, despite these concerns, Smith recognized the Oval as a fantastic cricket ground.

He highlighted its lightning-fast outfield and complete square, making it a delightful place for batting once a player settles in. He expressed his excitement for what he believes will be an exhilarating match.WTC Final at The Oval.

Smith also emphasized his enthusiasm for playing against India in the WTC final. He praised the WTC as a significant initiative that adds relevance to every game they play. Smith considers it incredibly exciting for Australia to have qualified as the top team.