Percy is one of the oldest fans of the Sri Lankan cricket team, and has been supporting them at the stadium since the 1979 World Cup

In a heartwarming gesture, Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has bestowed Rs. 5 million upon Percy Abeysekara, affectionately known as Uncle Percy, to support his health and overall wellbeing. Uncle Percy stands as one of the longest-standing supporters of the Sri Lankan cricket team. He unfurled the Sri Lankan flag in support of his beloved team since the 1979 World Cup.

Uncle Percy, now in his 80s, has been a constant presence at the stadium, cheering on the team through thick and thin. Following the conclusion of the Asia Cup, SLC took the initiative to present him with this substantial sum to aid in preserving his health.

The generous act was carried out by SLC Secretary Mohan de Silva, who personally handed over the Rs. 5 million to Mr. Abeysekara. Renowned Sri Lankan commentator Roshan Abeysinghe captured the moment with a photograph and shared it on his profile.

He wrote, “Sri Lanka Cricket presented Rs. 5 million to Mr. Percy Abeysekera to assist him in his wellbeing and maintenance of his health. Great gesture indeed.”

The decision to honor Uncle Percy was made by the Executive Committee of Sri Lanka Cricket, led by Shammi Silva, the President of Sri Lanka Cricket. Uncle Percy’s unwavering loyalty to the team throughout the years has not gone unnoticed. This gesture is a token of appreciation for his enduring support during both victorious and challenging times.

Percy Abeysekara was lauded by Sri Lanka Cricket’s Honorary Secretary Mohan de Silva, who described him as a “tower of strength” for the country’s cricket.

“Percy’s role as a cheerleader in Sri Lanka’s cricket is beyond measure, and he has served as a tower of strength for both the players and the sport itself. It was our obligation to reciprocate and ensure his wellbeing,” Mohan told News Wire.