Shoaib Akhtar
Former Pakistan player and one of the fastest bowlers of his time, Shoaib Akhtar, has named his all-time IPL XI.

Former fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar has slammed the Indian media for biased coverage of India-Pakistan cricket matches. On October 24, the Men in Green defeated India by 10 wickets in their opening match of the Super 12 stage of the ICC T20 World Cup at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium.

Shoaib was of the opinion that Pakistan and India are equally matched teams and can defeat each other on any given day. The former pacer also lambasted former players for using foul language against players of their own team.

“Why does the Indian media portray that their team cannot lose a match? This is cricket. Pakistan comprehensively beat India and the same can happen to Pakistan. That’s the beauty of the game,” Shoaib said.

“I understand why media do it, it is their business. I will never understand how ex-cricketers who have played cricket at the highest level use such foul language against their own cricket team after they suffer a defeat. It is extremely disappointing,” he stated.

The Rawalpindi Express said that after Pakistan’s maiden win, the young cricketers can take inspiration from the likes of Babar Azam and Shaheen Shah Afridi.

“This win against India was absolutely crucial for Pakistan, not because India is our enemy but because Pakistan has suffered a lot in recent past. From 2009, Pakistan cricket suffered, and then the New Zealand episode happened. This win is important because watching the likes of Babar and Shaheen; our children will want to emulate them which is an ultimate victory for us,” Shoaib added.

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