Ian Healy, the former Australia wicketkeeper, said that Warne's early passing did not surprise him as he never took care of his health.

Shane Warne’s untimely demise has made his former teammates emotional, who are finding it difficult to come to terms. However, one of his former teammates, Ian Healy, has made an irrelevant statement on his demise. 

Ian Healy, the former Australia wicketkeeper, said that Warne’s early passing did not surprise him as he never took care of his health.

“An early passing did not surprise me for Warnie. He did not look after his body that well. He yo-yoed up and down,” Healy told The Today Show. “He did not put much sunscreen on. I thought he would have skin issues in the future, but not at 52. Moreover, he would have been full of beans right to the end, I bet.”

The remark did not go down well with the fans, who slammed the veteran. 

“Cannot Believe Shane was taken so young, RIP!! Maybe Ian Healy should not make comments of the passing of such a great player, a much more successful cricketer than he will be remembered for,” one of the fans tweeted. 

“Disappointed in Ian Healy’s comments: “not surprised Warnie died young.” Really, Heals? You could not have kept that one to yourself for now as the Warne family grieve while digesting this shocking news? Read the room. Do better,” another one wrote. 

“Ian Healy, pull your head in. The time to make a claim that you were “right” here is ill-timed and one of those times when it is best left unsaid. Say it to yourself.”

“Yeah, so Ian Healy said he would not be surprised if Warnie died of skin cancer from the sun. Heart disease is another can of worms.”

“Gavaskar’s comments on Warne were untimely! I was surprised with Ian Healy’s recent interview as well; I think on Sky, where he said it is not surprising that Warne is no more considering he did not take care of his health! Shocking! Common sense, as they say, is not so common these days!”

Earlier, Sunil Gavaskar was slammed by fans for talking about Warne’s ordinary record against India.

“Look at Shane Warne’s record against India. It was pretty ordinary. He was not the greatest, and Muttiah Muralitharan was far better than him,” he had said.

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