Shakib Al Hasan

Aakash Chopra has observed that the pay parity in international cricket can be highlighted by the fact that Shakib Al Hasan gets paid almost the same amount for a Test as he used to get in 2004.

Recently, Sri Lankan players opted against signing their new contracts due to a reduction in their retainer fees. In the same light, Aakash Chopra did a comparative analysis of all sub-continental teams’ player earnings in a video shared on his YouTube channel.

While talking about Bangladesh, the cricketer-turned-commentator said that players from India’s eastern neighbours get as much for a Test as Indian players used to get way back in 2004.

“Bangladesh’s A+ contract is 41 lakh rupees, Grade A is 31 lakh, Grade B is 20 lakh and Grade C is just 10 lakh rupees. A test is 2.6 lakhs, 1.7 lakh for ODI and T20I is 1 lakh. So to play a Test, Shakib Al Hasan gets as much money as I used to get in 2004,” he said.

Chopra further pointed out that the Sri Lankan players were also not getting much as per their previous contracts. The Sri Lankan players on Tuesday decided to tour England without signing the contracts.

“The Sri Lankan Grade A players were getting only 58 lakh for the entire year, 47 lakh for Grade B, 25 lakh for Grade C, and only 18 lakh for Grade D. So, you get 1.5 lakh Indian rupees per month for the Grade D contract,” he said.

“They get 5.5 lakh per Test, 4 lakh per ODI, and 2.5 lakh per T20I. They have bonuses as well but when there is a cut being done on that, the players have said that it will not do,” he added.

Chopra asserted that the Pakistan players are paid less than their Sri Lankan counterparts and almost the same as the Bangladesh cricketers. Indian players, on the other hand, are in a different league with their best cricketers have an annual contract worth INR 7 crores.

“Pakistan’s Grade A contract is only 46 lakh rupees, that’s even less than Sri Lanka and almost at par with Bangladesh. Grade B gets 28 lakh and Grade C gets 19 lakh, that’s it,” he observed.

“They get 3.6 lakh per Test, 2.2 lakh per ODI, and 1.6 lakh per T20I. Not cutting it in my opinion, so the Pakistan players might be thinking that their neighbours earn so much and they are placed alongside Bangladesh and Sri Lanka,” he concluded.

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