sami aslam

Sami Aslam, who quit playing for Pakistan recently, has made some startling revelations about cricket in the country of his birth. Sami, who played 13 Tests and four ODIs, would be eligible to play for the United States of America on November 2023.

The southpaw stated that ever since he decided to play for the USA, a number of domestic cricketers approached him regarding a similar step. He further stated that he wasn’t happy with the way the coaches and other personnel treated him.

The 25-year-old, who made his international debut for Pakistan in 2015 against Bangladesh in an ODI, further revealed how the entire scenario pushed him into depression for two years.

“I have had calls from over 100 First-class players in Pakistan exploring the possibility of them settling in America. Even the best performers currently in Pakistan domestic cricket are keen to move here and 1 or 2 are close to being signed up in the coming days,” he told PakPassion.

“There’s 3-year eligibility and I will qualify to play for America in November 2023. I’ve not even 1 per cent regret it. I am really happy after being depressed in Pakistan for 2 years. I was in a bad place due to coaches and events in Pakistan and the way they treated me,” Sami Aslam added.

“I wasn’t one of those players who would keep phoning the coach and praising him. I have always relied on my on-field performances rather than sucking up to coaches or team management for no reason as some players do,” stated Sami, who scored 836 runs in his short career for Pakistan.

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