It is not hard enough to imagine what it could be like being married to one of the most successful cricketers in history of cricket. MS Dhoni and Sakshi Dhoni are married for over a decade now and is one of the most followed couples. However, marrying a famous cricketer has its own negatives.

The Chennai Super Kings’ captain’s wife recently spoke to the franchise and revealed the side effects of marrying the best Indian captain ever.

“Life changes when you get married and your husband has to go to the office. However, if you are married to a cricketer, you have to adapt and change according to how he wants you to be and not just sort of stress him out,” said Sakshi.

The 33-year old further spoke about the shrinking private space.

“You don’t have your private space and you can’t be like you are in front of the cameras. People tend to judge you if you are married to a cricketer. They will keep an eye on you when you hang out with your friends,” she added.

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