As per a report by Cricket Pakistan, it is being said that Sethi is likely to return as the boss of PCB, replacing Ramiz Raja.

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Ramiz Raja had revealed his intention of bringing the auction process to the Pakistan Super League to bring it on par with the Indian Premier League. He wanted the overseas players to prefer PSL over IPL. The Indian fans and cricket experts did not take his statement lightly and slammed him for making an unwanted controversy.

“This is a game of money, and when the cricket economy grows in Pakistan, we will be respected more globally. So if we take PSL to the auction model and increase the purse, then PSL would enter in the IPL bracket. And then we’ll see who goes to play the IPL over the PSL.”

On Sunday, April 3, Ramiz cleared the air around his statement, saying the media misquoted him and he was aware of the economic conditions of the two countries. “I was misquoted. I know where the economy of India is and where is Pakistan. I want to improve the PSL by introducing the auction model, but I was misquoted on the other part,” he said on Cricbuzz.

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