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The ICC World Cup 2023 is less than two weeks away. The Men in Blue are high on confidence and are touted as favourites by several cricket pundits. Despite having a strong team, one complaint that has been constantly associated with the current batch of Indian cricketers is that the batters do not bowl like Virendra Sehwag or Sachin Tendulkar used to do under Sourav Ganguly.

Ahead of the Australia series which begins tomorrow, India’s head coach Rahul Dravid addressed the press, where he got asked the same question by the reporter. The media personnel asked Dravid, “Why are there no part-time bowlers in the current Indian side, who can bowl in the middle overs?”

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Rahul presented a logical explanation to the question and replied that the rules have changed from his playing years and now only four fielders are allowed outside the ring during the middle overs.

“I guess, you must be aware of the rule change. In the early 2000s, only four fielders were allowed inside the ring, which is why it was easy for the captain to give the ball to part-time bowlers in the middle overs. But now, with five fielders inside the ring, you cannot afford that. Also, it is not just India that lacks part-time bowlers, but if you look at other countries, then they also do not give the ball to part-time bowlers and rather opt for a genuine all-rounder in the team.”