Ricky Ponting -3

Mark Butcher, former England cricketer, has shared his thoughts on the war of words between Ricky Ponting and Ollie Robinson. The exchange began after Robinson’s unsportsmanlike send-off to Usman Khawaja during the first Ashes Test.

Robinson defended his actions by pointing out that Australian players, including Ponting, had done similar things in the past. Ponting responded by suggesting that Robinson focus on his performance rather than engaging in verbal banter.

Butcher expressed his opinion on the matter, highlighting the double standard that exists. He stated that when Australians engage in such behavior, it is often accepted, but when the situation is reversed, it is not well-received.

In his column for the Daily Mail, Butcher remarked that Ponting, and other Australian greats, are quick to take advantage of any opportunity to engage in banter.

Having experienced numerous defeats at the hands of Australian teams throughout his career, Butcher finds it unsettling that some players would prioritize providing entertainment over the importance of winning.