Virat Kohli was seen making controversial remark during the third and final Test of the series. His rant on stum mic continues to receive reactions. Shane Warne and Adam Gilchrist have given their take in the matter. Former Aussie wicket-keeper Gilchrist stated that Virat’s frustration reached a point of no return.

“That accusation there I am interested in Warnie; this seems a bit premeditated. This has been building or brewing and it has got to a breaking point. That accusation about filming teams shining the ball I am assuming it goes all the way back to that very ground when the Australians were caught out on camera,” said Gilchrist.

Warne admitted that ball looked like hitting the stumps. However, he was not happy with Virat’s behaviour.

“Look it is an interesting one, I am not sure that should be happening from a captain of an international team. But sometimes frustration overflows, you just get so frustrated and that’s why I said I wonder if that has happened three or four times through the series, and that was like okay that is enough now we can’t have it anymore,” said Warne.

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