K.S Bharat

Former India selector Sarandeep Singh believes that choosing KS Bharat as the wicketkeeper over Ishan Kishan for the World Test Championship final against Australia is an obvious decision. With Rishabh Pant injured, Kishan, who has not played Test cricket yet, could bring the x-factor, but Sarandeep asserts that Bharat should be the frontline wicketkeeper.

According to Sarandeep, Bharat’s performance as a Test match wicketkeeper against Australia at home was exceptional, making him the ideal choice for the position.

Having been in the cricketing scene for a while, Bharat deserves the opportunity to showcase his skills. The WTC final is scheduled to be held at the Oval in London starting from June 7.

While Sarandeep acknowledges Kishan’s potential, he believes that his time will come. Kishan is primarily an opener and has demonstrated his abilities in limited-overs cricket.

However, the dynamics of Test cricket, especially at number six, differ from the shorter formats. Sarandeep points out that Kishan’s aggressive approach from the first ball may not be as effective in England. On the other hand, Bharat possesses both batting prowess and the ability to play shots, making him a more suitable choice for the position, according to Sarandeep’s reasoning.