The Shastri-Virat partnership was fruitful for Team India as it won many Test series outside the home.

Former India captain Kapil Dev has prepared the report cards of Ravi Shastri and Virat Kohli. Kohli and Shastri were together as captain and coach since 2017. Team India won bilateral series against big teams but the sting ended on a low note with India failing to qualify for the semi-final of the ICC T20 World Cup after 2012.

Kapil stated that although the team performed well, the lack of an ICC title is what will make Shastri and Kohli’s term incomplete.

“I think both have done a super job. I understand that they could not win India a major trophy but if we look at the last five years, since Kohli took over, there has been nothing lack. The big thing lacking is an ICC trophy. Apart from that, India have won in Australia, England… wherever they have travelled, they have beaten the other team,” Kapil said in an interview with Uncut.

“Reaching the World Cup knockouts is also a huge deal. I think after the 2007 World Cup in West Indies, this T20 World Cup is where it felt that India were disappointing. Had they reached the top 4 and then lost, it is understandable. But if you don’t reach the top 4, there will be criticism.”

Kapil deducted 10 percent marks out of 100 due to the lack of a win in ICC tournaments.

“If you look at it from a trophy point of view, that’s a different thing altogether. But if you look at their cricket, the brand they have played in the last five years, I would give them 90 percent marks out of 100, and deduct 10 percent marks for not winning an ICC Trophy,” added Kapil.

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