Mohammad Amir

Mohammad Amir has slammed Pakistan Management over its selection policy and blamed them for promoting players with technical flaws to play international cricket. He feels that many of the young players in the current team are not good enough to represent Pakistan at the highest level.

In a conversation with, he spoke about the players from India, England and New Zealand.

“Look at the players that India, England and New Zealand are bringing into international cricket. They are ready to play at the highest level as they have done the hard yards and have completed their learning in the domestic and junior systems. Once selected, they show their skills in international cricket which they have already learnt in domestic cricket.”

Whereas in Pakistan, at the moment, our players are expected to learn from the national coaches while playing international cricket, rather than having already learnt the art of cricket earlier in their careers,” Amir said.

Citing examples of Indian players who recently debuted for India, he said: “Look at Ishan Kishan, Suryakumar Yadav and Krunal Pandya, they looked ready and primed for international cricket when they made their debuts and did not look to need much advice or coaching at all. They have played several years of domestic cricket and the IPL and that makes their introduction into international cricket much smoother.”

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