Ramiz Raja, the newly appointed chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, wants to improve relationship with the BCCI.

Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Ramiz Raja has expressed his satisfaction after the ICC allotted the hosting rights of the 2025 Champions Trophy to Pakistan.

“There’s a lot of work to be done to host the Champions Trophy, to improve the pitches, to improve the grounds, it doesn’t matter if I come or go, it’s a big event, you have to work as a board,” he said.

He said, “There is no danger of anyone giving up in the Champions Trophy, there was a lot of discussion in the ICC and then it was decided to host the event.”

Ramiz Raja said, “Asia Cup will also to be held in Pakistan and these small steps taken for the last eight years are the result of this, it was not easy to have a case in ICC, it was difficult to change the opinion, it was a bit difficult after the withdrawal of England and New Zealand but we convinced ourselves.”

He added, “Pakistan did not get to host this big event only because of PSL, there is a role of many people in it, we are one of the few countries which are hosting the tournament alone, to hold big tournament. If so, the team must also perform well.”

He also spoke about the security arrangements in Pakistan. “One neutral security adviser had suggested that security arrangements in Pakistan are better than arrangements at EPL and Formula 1,” Raja disclosed.

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