Former India head coach and one of the best batters of his time, Greg Chappell, has heaped massive praise on MS Dhoni.

He gave MSD’s example while lamenting the lack of natural environments which once played a key role in the development of players.

“The developed countries have lost the spaces which once gave them big cricketers. The young players learned from big stars by watching them and then emulating them in matches with friends or family members,” he wrote in ESPNcricinfo.

India still has such places where proper coaching facilities are not available, and the players learn about cricket by competing against each other on different types of surfaces.

“MS Dhoni developed his game by playing against good players on different kinds of surfaces. This helped his game and decision making ability. He is one of the sharpest cricket minds I have encountered,” he added.

Chappell wants coaches to create environments where players can learn problem-solving and decision making on their own.

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