IPL Chairman Arun Singh Dhumal believes the Indian Premier League (IPL) outshines all other T20 leagues in terms of revenue and viewership. The recently concluded 2023 IPL was a huge success, with Chennai Super Kings (CSK) securing their fifth title. The tournament introduced the impact player rule and brought back the home-and-away format, adding to the excitement.

While other countries are attempting to establish their own T20 leagues, they are still in the early stages. In contrast, the IPL has been running for 16 years and attracts top players, often disrupting international cricket schedules.

According to Dhumal, the IPL continues to dominate the world of franchise T20 leagues. He believes there is no competition that comes close to the IPL’s level and expressed this in an interview with Reuters.

While he wished success to other boards starting their own T20 leagues, he does not see any of them as a threat to the IPL.

Dhumal also highlighted the remarkable success of the IPL 2023. He attributed the achievement to the tournament’s intense competitiveness, closely contested matches, and thrilling last-over moments.

The IPL received overwhelming support from fans, and both broadcast and digital partners expressed excitement about its performance.