The right-handed batter won the Orange Cap for scoring the most runs in the last edition.

Former India skipper and one of the legends of cricket, Kapil Dev, has praised Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his keep interest in sports.

He further lauded the Prime Minister for taking care of the athletes who participated in the Olympics. According to him, he is the first leader from the country who has spoken about sports culture in India and has asked the parents to encourage children who want to play sports.

“It is not clear if any Prime Minister of India has ever said that he or she wants to create a culture of sports in our country and appealed to parents to encourage children who want to play sports. Perhaps Modi Ji is the first to do so. The Prime Minister has not only asked parents to encourage sports but has also shown how it is done, by showing keen interest in sports and our sportspersons,” he said.

Kapil Dev has been a big-time admirer of sports in India and has often advocated the need to create better facilities and infrastructure in the country. “From Modi Ji’s actions, it is clear that his respect is for the effort that sportspersons put in, and not necessarily just medals. This shone warmly in his post-Olympics interactions with Olympians that recently played on television where he spent time with both the winners and the triers,” he added.

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