Indian cricketer Mohammed Siraj has been advised against attempting Cristiano Ronaldo‘s celebration after taking a wicket. The fast bowler stated that his teammates and trainers have warned him that such extravagant celebrations could lead to injury. Siraj expressed his admiration for Ronaldo’s celebration and said that he has attempted it in the past, but inconsistency in the way he performs it increases the risk of a leg injury.

Siraj has had an impressive journey from being a tennis-ball cricket batter to becoming one of the best bowlers in the world. Speaking in a video uploaded by the Royal Challengers Bangalore‘s YouTube handle, he explained that he mainly played as a batter in tennis-ball cricket and only started bowling later. He was inspired by Dale Steyn and aimed to bowl fast, but as he kept bowling, he learned about in-swing and out-swing and started performing better. Siraj said that he never thought he would play for India and was surprised when he got selected for the Ranji Trophy.

Siraj has been in great form lately, ranking as the No. 1 ODI bowler in the world. He performed impressively in the home series against Sri Lanka and New Zealand, taking nine wickets in three ODIs against Sri Lanka and five more in two matches against the Kiwis.

Siraj needs to be wise enough and listen to his trainers to avoid potentially risky celebrations, as staying fit and healthy is crucial to maintaining his impressive form